Come here on a wonderful journey to the lap of the nature, visit Mukteshwar hills and take full advantage of surrounding nature hills and forests. Get lost in the mountains and explore another self. The silence around here speaks to you very differently and hooks you in a conversation very strongly. It exchanges words with your soul and makes your spirit very free. The immediate result is the spread of arms, and you become a receiver to Nature’s best messages. Every bit of it gives you a new life, and every moment becomes the best intake for the person. Few things to take notice of :

  • Resort’s very own crafted horticulture arena which is full of a variety of wild and mountain flower species. These species are found only in the hilly regions. One will get to see flowers in different colours, shapes and sizes. This place is going to make you rich with freshness and purity of nature, hence consider yourself a king and enjoy as much beauty as you want to from your surroundings. Roam around and come across very large-sized violet flowers almost of the size of a papaya, and yes there are flowers in grey colours too. Along with the flower plants, also catch the view of hanging vases with wild plants on the walls.
  • Go up so high, that the only thing that remains to climb up is the clouds. Here is one such exciting spot for the visitors to see the entire of Mukteshwar in one frame. And the road that takes you up to this spot is totally like the sets of a Fantasy fiction movie. As you advance up, the roads make you feel you are on the carpet Nature has set on your path to welcome you to the upper world. The route up is much like a wonderland, where the road are filled with yellow leaves and there are tall trees on both the sides to give complete shade on the path. From the top, one gets a perfect 360 degree view of the entire snow-capped Himalayan ranges, and the beauty of this is unmatchable to any scenery. Before that you can catch the site of apple trees on the slopes which makes a beautiful subject to the Himalayan backdrop. The point ends with a hut-shaped small and old temple comfortably placed under the shade of a cedar tree.
  • You can take a late afternoon ride to the local market and enjoy the perfect hills cape for a sunset. Own the moment, ride across the hills and reach newer places and discover newer self. Spend your evening, enjoying the sip of hot coffee and the watching the fabulous show of the light on the mountains. You will feel like the stars have come down¬† to date the hills, a scene like this you will never get to experience away from the hills. The night view of the mountains and the sky is something one cannot describe in the words, only the one who has experienced it knows it.
  • The Swiss Village is one of the best resorts in nainital.

Vishal Vivek is the IT Director at The Swiss Village. He also runs the show at SEO Corporation. An workaholic by nature, he spends days in office. If not working, he likes reading voraciously and spends time traveling to mountains. and jungles.

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