Important Aspects to Consider before Choosing a Conference Hall in Nainital

Due to a wide variety of conference venue options available these days, choosing the right one
can be a task in hand that requires some serious effort on your part. But how do you look for
the best conference hall? Well, here are some important points to consider before choosing the
business conference halls in Nainital:
1. Well-Connected and Easily Accessible Location
While choosing the venue for a business conference, you need to pay close attention to
the location. Think about all your attendees and speakers that will be a part of the
event. A venue featuring good transportation facility is a must. Therefore, you need to
choose a venue that sits in close vicinity of highways, railway stations and airports.
Moreover, ensure that the venue has a good cab or taxi service.
2. Audio-Visual Technologies
Whether you’re holding a low-key or a full-fledged event, you will definitely require
some sort of audio-visual technology to make the event better and clearer to all the
attendees. Several people at the event might require accessing their laptop, tablet or
Smartphone. Therefore, it’s important to have Wi-Fi support at the venue. Quality
business conference hall providers, including The Swiss Village, in and around Nainital
will provide you with speaker systems, flip charts, interactive whiteboards, digital
projectors, etc.
3. Size
You seriously want to pay attention to the space available at the venue. There is a wide
variety in the size of conference halls, ranging from concise spaces that could provide
room for about a dozen or so people to giant halls capable to accommodate hundreds
of people at once. If you’ll book a space that is too small then the experience for your
attendees might not be a cherishing one. Also, if you go for a space that is too big then it
might give out a poor message about mismanagement of resources. Therefore, check all
the business conference halls in Nainital options before making a final selection.
4. Accommodation for Guests and Attendees
In case your conference is a multi-day event, you should ensure that all your guests and
attendees get accommodations where they can relax in the meantime. Even if your
event is to end by the afternoon or early evening, attendees that have travelled a long
way to reach the venue might like to stay over and return in the morning. So, ensure
you weigh all your options before making a choice.
5. Pricing Options
Most of the resorts or hotels offering conference venues put forward a wide variety of
pricing options to accommodate different client requirements. Therefore, pay attention
to all the pricing options that you can get with a specific business venue service. For

instance, pricing might be different if you wish to have a one-day business conference
for the same space as compared to having it along with accommodation for your guests
and attendees. Moreover, while some services include the food and drink charges with
the price-tag, others might require you to pay extra for food items and drinks. So,
choose wisely.

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