Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in India

India is one the most popular honeymoon destinations across the globe. The honeymoon is not just a vacation but is also the time where newlyweds can celebrate the first phase of their new relationship in seclusion. It gives them time to connect and bond with each other. India is known for its diverse geography and culture and can turn out to be the best place for beginning your journey as a couple. Listed below are some of the best honeymoon destinations in India:

  • Mussoorie: If you are looking for a cosy exquisite honeymoon destination, then this isthe place for you. Mussoorie in Uttarakhand offers you a trip to Benog WildlifeSanctuary and a romantic boat ride in MussoorieLake and Lake Mist. For nature andpeace loving couples, itcan be the best honeymoon destination. The place is recommendedfor couples to spend some quality time where they can enjoy romantic walks in organicfarms and gardens.


  • Goa: It’s a destination for every kind of occasions and celebrations. Goa is a heaven for the honeymooning couples. The place has some of the best beaches where you can spend some romantic time with your other half. The nightlife here is just awesome; one can party all night and have the fun of their life. Goa has pretty much everything to offer what a honeymooning couple is looking for.


  • Srinagar: It has to be one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in India. Every minute spent in any of the Srinagar’s honeymoon destination isn’t less than a movie. The place offers you the houseboats, lakes, shikara, Kashmiri food, shopping and the Mughal Gardens. There are ample of hotels and resorts to make your honeymoon a wonderful experience.


  • Mukteshwar: Honeymoon and romance are inseparable and Mukteshwar offers you both. Situated in the heavenly land of Uttarakhand, blessed with spirituality, peace and serenity. The place is a complete honeymoon package, fulfilling every desire. Gardens, museums, mountains, orchards for romantic walks, trekking for adventurous couples, lakes, diverse flora and fauna, temples and pretty much everything that fulfil every point in your dream honeymoon destination list.


  • Jaisalmer: Also known as “Golden City,” Jaisalmer is situated in the heart of the Thar Desert. A honeymoon in Jaisalmer is actually a dream coming true. The place is so traditional and beautiful that one would want to stay here forever. It offers you sand dunes, desert safaris, forts and palaces, local dance and music, arts and crafts. Spending honeymoon here is certainly an opportunity for couples.


  • Manali: It is one of the most famous hill stations in India. Manaliis a haven for adventure tourists, trekkers, backpackers and honeymooners. The place offers you a whole lot of experiences like hiking, trekking, paragliding, shopping, river rafting, etc. This place is a magnet for travellersfrom around the world. The views of the lofty mountains and the tiny hippy villages offer a perfect arrangement for a romantic honeymoon. Manali is a must-visit place for every honeymooning couple.


The honeymoon is always a fascinating period in a newly married couple’s life. Spending your honeymoon in a destination where you can enjoy to the fullest is really important for newlyweds. India offers you ample of places for your honeymoon and is worth visiting.

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