Mukteshwar resort

Mukteshwar is a tourist destination in nainital. It is surrounded by huge mountains peaks of Nanda devi,Chaukhamba ,Pancholi group etc. Mukteshwar uttarakhand is a part of Kumaoni tourism.mukteshwar temple It is also known as Mukhteshwar Dham is a old temple dedicated to lord Shiva.
Place to visit
* Siltla is a quit & peaceful hill station located is also a beautiful place with an amazing views.
*Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls this place is ideal for picnic, nature walks,probably you can get in touch with some local to find some fishing arrangement .
*Chauli ki jali is a place above a top the hill top. the views are awesome in the meaning & work spending time.
There are many beautiful place, forest and rich wildlife for exploring the place.The place
is embraced in a bewildering charm.
* Adventure sports: The rolling topography, unknown trails, plush green forests & narrow tracks make tracking exciting.paragliding is most exhilarating thing to do . rock climbing & rappelling are two most challenging thing to do in mukteshwar.
*Photography: mukteshwar is a paradise for nature lovers & photography enthusiaste. The lush green forests covering the hilly slopes of mukteshwar is the best place to feel closer to nature.We can spend amazing time capturing the devine beauty of the Himalayan ranges,the views from cliff.There are many interesting Orchards,Lakes,Waterfalls to Capture.
*Himalayan gazing : mukteshwar is a hill station which is beautiful.Surrounded by himalayan ranges.It is an ideal location for watching the beauty of the nature.
*Temples visiting: mukteshwar temple is an ancient hindu temple on a hilltop in mukteshwar. It is dedicated to lord shiva. The temple boasts a simple architecture with stone stairs. A shiva linga made out of white marble with. a copper yoni. is enshrined in temple . the raj rani temple is famous for housing beautiful some carved female figures,which partrays a dance post uses.
*Heritage viewing: The Indian veterinary research institute in mukteshwar is a mukteshwar is a legacy of the British reign in India. It is one of the premier institutes in India conducting research on livestock . The tourists can also check out the library & museum. Inside the institute there is ISA PWD Inspection bungalow which is known for.Its colonical architecture & is landmark in the hilly town. visitors can put up in the bungalow for a day or two for a complex complete experience.

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