Things to look for when searching for a business hotel in Nainital

What do you usually look for in a hotel when travelling for business purposes? While we do argue that a good view, a flat-screen TV and good shampoo is more than enough for a leisurely stay, business travel is different and hence, warrants different amenities in a hotel room and the hotel itself. It also takes into account the following things you need to look for when choosing a business hotel in a well-known location like Nainital.

Check for reviews

When choosing a conference & meetings hotel in Nainital, make sure you look for reviews of the place. You will ideally need to use filters to zero in on reviews left by business and solo travellers, as these put forward the truth. If there are any negative reviews, read them to identify possible deal breakers like no internet connection, no second lock anddirtiness.

Check the location

You will want to check the location of the hotel as well. For instance, while some business hotels are located in the heart of the town or city, some are located on the outskirts of town or far away from the town centre. This may put you in a bit of a spot when it comes to finding public transport or shuttle services that can take you to the town and back. Hotels that are located far away from the city centre can also become quite lonely at night with no shops or restaurants around them.

Check for amenities and services offered

Business hotels usually offer a plethora of amenities for travellers to conduct business meetings and conferences on site. However, what a hotel does offer in its business package is something that you need to find out beforehand. Chances are you may end up booking a hotel for a conference and arrive only to find out that the hotel does not have a room large enough to accommodate guests or does not have basic amenities like a projector, computer, etc. that you require.

When looking at amenities and services at the Conference & meetings hotel in Nainital, make it a point to check if the hotel also comes with other facilities like dining and lounge areas for relaxation after the business meeting. You would ideally want to book a hotel that comes with a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, gym, pool or a sauna that can help you relax after a hectic business meet.

Check the level of service

It is imperative that you check the level of service at the hotel you plan to book your business trip. You need to choose a hotel, which has a friendly staff that is attentive to your needs and ensures that your business trip is memorable. In addition to waking you up early in the mornings for important meetings and arranging transfers, the hotel staff should be able to handle each and every detail of your business trip with great care and focus.

Searching for a good hotel to book your business trip in Nainital? These tips should help you choose a hotel that is best for your needs.

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