Top 20 Places to Visit in Mukteshwar


Mukteshwar is a tourist destination in the Nainital district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The place offers travellers with the opportunity to sightsee a number of tourist attractions, in addition to involving in numerous adventure activities offered by the local organizations. To make it easier for you to choose best locations during your Uttarakhand expedition, here are 20 awesome places to visit while vacationing in Mukteshwar.

1. Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls

About 14 kilometres from Mukteshwar and another two-kilometre trek will lead to the Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls. The less commercialized place allows one to listen to the lovely bird voices and wandering in the nearby wilderness.

Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls


2. Bhowali

About 40 kilometres from Mukteshwar is Bhowali, a small scenic town sitting about 1,706 metres above the sea level. The sleepy village is popular for its health resort.


3. Brahmeswara Temple

The Brahmeswara Temple in Mukteshwar is popular for its huge collection of finely-detailed sculptures. Constructed in 1050 AD, the temple is about one km east of the main road.
Brahmeswara Temple

4. Chauthi Jaali/Chauli Ki Jali

The location of Chauthi Jaali is believed to have witnessed a fierce battle between a demon and an ancient goddess. The place is marked with faint outlines of a sword, trunk of an elephant and a shield. The most special thing about Chauli Ki Jali is the giant rock found at the place. Local folks believe that women unable to bear children are blessed with children when they touch the natural lattice around the rock.

Chauthi Jaali/Chauli Ki Jali

5. Choco-House Chocolatiers

For chocolate lovers, the Choco-House Chocolatiers offers a variety of chocolate products to choose from. It lies in the close vicinity of the Mukteshwar market area.

Choco-House Chocolatiers

6. Deodar (Himalayan Cedar) Forest

The Himalayan Cedar Forest in Mukteshwar is a great place to sightsee, adore nature, view amazing birds and animals and enjoy peace.

Deodara (Himalayan Cedar) Forest

7. Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI)

Laid after the recommendation of Colonel JHB Hallen, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute was established in 1885. The campus covers roughly about 3,450 acres of land and includes the Division of Virology and Temperate Animal Husbandry. The institute lies at the intersection of the Gagar and Lohaghat Ranges of the Kumaon Hills, offering a scenic and panoramic place to enjoy sightseeing.

Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI)

8. Kilmora Shop

Promoted by the Kumaon Grameen Udyog, Kilmora shop offers local merchandise to locals and travellers. All profit made by the shop is invested in education and healthcare facilities run by CHIRAG.

Kilmora Shop

9. Methodist Church

Situated amidst the thick green Cedar Forests of Mukteshwar, the Methodist Church is one of the oldest structures of Mukteshwar. It was built during the early 1900s. The church is best known for its rock-built walls, stained windows and a steeple bell.

Methodist Church

10. Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

The Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow is located close to the Mukteshwar Temple. The site offers some of the most scenic views of the sunrise in the majestic Himalayas. Moreover, the Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow offers accommodation options for travellers looking to enjoy a serene and peaceful vacation.

Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

11. Mukteshwar Temple

The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is about three-and-a-half centuries old. Mukteshwar actually got its name because of the holy shrine. The temple lies about 2,312 m from the sea level. In several Hindu scriptures, Mukteshwar Temple is recognized as one of the 18 most important temples of Lord Shiva. Sitting on top of the sleepy town, the premises of Mukteshwar Temple presents an ideal place to adore nature and capture some picturesque photos. In addition to the intricately designed Shiva Linga, one can find idols dedicated to other prominent Hindu deities, namely Lord Brahma, Lord Hanuman, Nandi, Mata Parvati and Lord Vishnu. The trek to Mukteshwar Temple goes through lovely fruit orchards and dense forests. The whole journey is about 2-hour long.

Mukteshwar Temple

12. Nanda Devi View

Mukteshwar allows travellers to witness one of the most beautiful Indian mountain peaks, the Nanda Devi. It is the second highest Indian mountain peak. The entire Nanda Devi mountain range is visible from the Mukteshwar, allowing travellers to get some of the most mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi Peak.

Nanda Devi View

13. Nathuakhan

Blessed with natural beauty, Nathuakhan is a small remote village amidst the Kumaon Hills. Surrounded by birch, kaphal, oak and pine trees, Nathuakhan offers some of the fascinating views of various Himalayan Ranges. In addition to taking up nature walks and trekking activities, one can enjoy staying at one of the several wood and stone cottages found at the site.


14. Orchards of the Central Institutes of Temperate Horticulture-Regional Station

For those looking to wander in blooming orchards, there is no better option than that of the orchards of the Central Institutes of Temperate Horticulture-Regional Station in Mukteshwar.

Orchards of the Central Institutes of Temperate Horticulture-Regional Station

15. Peora

Located in the Kosyakutoli Tehsil of the Nainital District, Peora has the nickname of the fruit bowl of Uttarakhand. The sleepy village is about eight kilometres from the Mukteshwar city. The eco-tourism spot sits at a height of 6,600 feet above the sea level and offers some stunning views of various Himalayan Ranges.


16. Ramgarh

Located about 17 kilometres from Mukteshwar, Ramgarh is a drowsy, picturesque town. It was a cantonment during the British rule in India. Situated at an elevation of about 4,590 feet, the site is divided into two regions, Malla Ramgarh and Talla Ramgarh. In addition to enjoying a nice peaceful time in the town, one can watch mesmerizing views of the nearby apple, apricot and peach orchards.


17. Renewable Park

Mukteshwar houses a Renewable Park developer by The Energy and Resources Institute. It makes use of solar energy to meet its power requirements.

18. Sitla

Sitting at 6,000 ft above sea level, Sitla hill station is immensely popular for its colonial-style bungalows. Various resorts in the area organise different trekking expeditions, varying in difficulty, for various groups of travellers visiting the scenic, natural place.


19. The Rajarani Temple

Constructed in the 11th century, The Rajarani Temple lies in a garden amidst beautiful paddy fields. The temple houses an intricately built stone sculpture representing the Rajarani. Moreover, the temple incorporates a number of stone carved female figures, depicting various dance postures and moods.

The Rajarani Temple

20. Wildrift Adventures

The harmonious place of Wildrift Adventures in Mukteshwar allows travellers to involve in a number of camping activities in the picturesque hills.

Wildrift Adventures in Mukteshwar

The place is ideal for photography and sightseeing, in addition to camping and enjoying peace.

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