What to look for in a business hotel room

Corporate travel has increased by leaps and bounds over the past few years. A lot of hotels around the world have also started tapping into this lucrative trend by opening their doors to business travellers. This has unfortunately led to several hotels calling themselves business hotels without offering the necessary amenities and services for the same purpose. For instance, here’s a small take on what one needs to look for in the room of a hotel, which advertises itself as a business hotel.

Free/Uninterrupted Wi-Fi

This is probably one of the most important requisites one needs to look for when booking a conference & meetings hotel in Mukteshwar. Free and uninterrupted Wi-Fi is a must for business travellers who need to stay connected with their peers on a constant basis. So while free Wi-Fi in the main areas of the hotel is considered ok, free, unlimited and uninterrupted Wi-Fi is a must in rooms.

Plenty of plug points

A business traveller almost always carries four essential electronic devices with him/her. These include a laptop, tablet, Smartphone and a trimmer or any other personal grooming device. As such, four or more power outlets in the room will be an added advantage for business travellers.

Ironing Board/Laundry Service

In addition to laundry service, which the hotel would probably provide already, the rooms of a business hotel need to be equipped with an ironing board. No matter how hard or perfectly one packs his/her suitcase; the chances of clothes getting wrinkled during the travel are high. As such, an ironing board in the room offers timely help for a business traveller who can smooth out his/her clothing instead of having to wait for the laundry to do it.

Other Amenities

Of course, a business hotel room would also need to come with other amenities like bottled water, hair dryers, plasma televisions and coffee makers. Extras would include a stand-up desk or workstation that allows business travellers to get some work done before hitting the bed.

Peaceful Environment

Another important factor to consider when choosing a room in a conference & meetings hotel in Mukteshwar is to check the surroundings. Ideally, the rooms allotted to business travellers need to be located in a peaceful area of the hotel rather than near the common areas like the restaurants, kitchens, elevators, gym, etc. A peaceful room or area is conducive to office work and business meets, thus making it the top priority for business travellers.

Onsite eating options

The majority of business travellers today prefer to eat at the hotel they stay in rather than eating outside. With many business travellers switching to healthier lifestyles, the demand for healthy onsite eating options at hotels has also increased manifold. Business hotels should, therefore, focus on providing healthy eating options for its guests. These include fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy vegan and non-vegetarian courses. The demand for organic ingredients has also increased, making it a necessity for hotels to ramp up their dining options for business travellers.

Many hotels in and around Mukteshwar, including The Swiss Village, also focus on providing in-room dining options for business travellers who are pressed for time. The more the variety of in-room dining options, the better it is for the business traveller to choose one that suits his/her needs.

Vishal Vivek is the IT Director at The Swiss Village. He also runs the show at SEO Corporation. An workaholic by nature, he spends days in office. If not working, he likes reading voraciously and spends time traveling to mountains. and jungles.

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