Plan the most healthy trip for your weekend and enjoy the benefits of yoga and meditation at the Swiss Village Resort, Mukteshwar, Nanital. Yoga, as we all know is the ultimate source of peace for any body and soul, can be done amidst nature and greenery far away from the societal disturbances on the hills of Mukteshwar. The benefits of doing yoga and meditation in Mukteshwar is unmatchable, where there is no pollution no sound and only solitude. The environment and surrounding beauty of this place is so terrific that you would not feel like leaving the place for a single moment. So get up and be ready to explore the aura of the Nature here in Mukteshwar, and experience the highest level of communication with Nature itself, tune in with it and concentrate on self to gain from meditation.

The Swiss Village Resort, exclusively has features and services to provide with top class and superior outdoor arrangement for your Yoga and meditation program. Here we take care of your well-being and make sure to provide you with absolute noiseless location for your meditation so that you de- stress yourself and take the best away from the nature around you. Mukteshwar is an ideal spot to gain surplus health and peace as it is situated in the lap of The Great Himalayas. Covered with vast stretch of dense forests, the entire hills of Mukteshwar serve as the natural filter for your mind to drain all your stress and gain back absolute freshness and energy.

The mountains are calling and I must go,” naturalist John Muir famously wrote back in the 19th century. ¬†Come alone or come with your favorite people but take away as much as possible from the Nature here. Mukteshwar is a very cool and calm place, perfect for the people seeking solitude in their life. It offers you unlimited peace and teaches you how the Nature is kind enough to nurture every being on the earth. So reach Mukteshwar as fast as possible and spend time with nature, walk through the mountains, sit and meditate, breathe in the purity of Himalayas at this outstanding Himalayan location. Lose yourself in the vast mountain areas completely and find out news ways to fight the challenges in your life. The deep, dense and century old forest reserves on the hills make the place such a good environment. Some benefits associated with spending time on the mountains are:

  • The mountains inspire physical activity
  • Altitude help fight obesity
  • Lower the risk of heart disease

The Swiss Village Resort, located in Mukteshwar provides the right amount of care, comfort and wellness for you so that you can peacefully stay here and get absolute solitude to do meditation without any adjustment.

Vishal Vivek is the IT Director at The Swiss Village. He also runs the show at SEO Corporation. An workaholic by nature, he spends days in office. If not working, he likes reading voraciously and spends time traveling to mountains. and jungles.

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